Women. Technology. Days: Here’s How We Roll!


Last Tuesday (8th March), the International Women’s Day was marked with steadfast fervor across the world. While the United Nations declared the theme for 2016 as “Pledge for Parity”, I personally believe that the need for bringing social, economic and political equivalence for women has always been the very essence of why anyone thought of bringing such a day into effect, anyway. International Womens Day

I’m sure for most of us, in the humdrum of our lives, it was just another day. However, it becomes hard to ignore, when a day is dedicated to you, no matter how privileged or underprivileged one is. Which is probably why I devote this little white space on the internet to this cause- specifically throwing light on women in technology.

Though things have improved tremendously, it remains a fact that there is a major gender gap when it comes to women in tech. This is probably because women ventured into this field much later or a pre-conceived notion has seeped into the minds of people that technology equates to a man? This is where, I think, the problem lies. It’s not about creating a special space for women in offices or institutions or being given any preferential treatment. It’s all about changing mindsets and ideologies. Not very long ago, I read an article about an influential woman who worked with a top management consulting firm. She rightly pointed out that for a woman to be taken seriously in a corporate world she has only one option- to keep doing good work. But for a man things may not always work that way.

The good news is that most of these old fashioned ideologies are slowly being dispelled and there is a visible change. There are more women taking up STEM courses across the world. Women have slowly graduated to taking leadership and executive roles in tech firms. The CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer is a woman (to name one) and in my very own organization I see several women adorn leadership roles. This is fantastic news and I want to particularly point this out so that it may serve as an inspiration for young girls.

There may exist a breed of women who probably never faced any issues or problems at all. Then why does it become important to celebrate women’s day or even write about this topic? A lot of people criticize the celebration of this day or display pessimistic views.

The fact remains that a majority of girls across the globe are still being deprived of basic education or denied their rights. It may be due to the political status of their country, illiteracy or economic backwardness. A stigma is associated with being a woman and a list of “appropriate” jobs are jotted out for girls. Technology may not be one of them. It is important that there is a voice that speaks for these girls. Which is why women’s day is important. To bring awareness followed by relentless efforts to bring change and improvement.

It feels nice to be appreciated on a women’s day but it would be nicer if we reached a time in space, when we no longer feel the need to have such a day at all. Until then we have lots to do. So ladies, keep moving ahead and come out in support of each other. The world is our oyster.