Women in Technology: Announcing Our First Unsung Hero


As we announced last week we want to recognize and honor the women in technology who are going above and beyond to help their company be successful and today we are excited to recognize our first Unsung Hero.

To understand Vacation Myrtle Beach, you must first understand the driving engine behind its growth.  Vacation Myrtle Beach’s customer engagement sales center, Shine Studios, is run by Director of Call Center and Revenue, Kelly Simmons.  Vacation Myrtle Beach is a cooperative of 14 oceanfront resorts in Myrtle Beach, SC with over 3400 accommodations ranging from hotel rooms to condominiums and beach houses.  The resort group offers a wide array of amenities including restaurants, water parks and tons of other water features, large arcades and entertainment centers, and much more.

WIT- Melissa BuschI have been working on and off with Kelly and her team for roughly one year as they transform their call center into a modern customer engagement center, and have the utmost respect for Kelly’s leadership and innovative style.  When we approached Kelly to feature her as our first WIT Unsung Hero, she immediately pivoted the conversation to focus on the impact of one of her team members, Melissa Busch, Training and Recruiting Manager.

Creating onboarding tools and end-user training is no easy task. Melissa takes the complex solutions and processes and builds out an easy, step-by-step guide to ensure success against Vacation Myrtle Beach’s business goals.  Because Melissa began her early career answering the phones and navigating the systems, she has a good pulse on how to communicate with the Shine Studios agent community.  Without much formal computer science education, Melissa falls into the category of “doing whatever it takes to figure it out”. This may include watching “how-to” videos on YouTube, connecting with an expert or reaching out to a business partner for 1:1 training.

Melissa did not grow up around technology, but she has never been afraid to try anything.  Melissa credits her willingness to continue to evolve to the encouragement she receives from Kelly Simmons.  Where I saw Melissa’s inner WIT come out was when we talked about what she is most proud of, designing the capabilities and tools needed to assess and qualify new team members, creating the right level of detail to enable easy adoption of the brand new systems and always focusing on the reporting engine to make sure progress is being made.    A topic at just about every WIT luncheon I have attended is work-life balance. The culture at Vacation Myrtle Beach is able to support a flexible schedule which is great for Melissa who is the mother of 2 daughters, 11 and 14, and is actively encouraging their creativity. When Melissa’s daughters were young she was able to work in the evenings and not lose any steam on career advancement potential.

Kelly Simmons added:

Melissa is a single mother and has been with the company for 10 years. Her daughters were babies when she started. In all the years that she has worked with me, she has always had both excellent attendance, a very positive attitude and a willingness to do whatever it took to make a better life for herself and her family. There were times where Melissa was paying out more in daycare for her kids than she was making. She has never once let her circumstances be an excuse to lower her standards or stunt her desire to grow in her career path. She often counsels our agents who are in a similar position that yes, you CAN be a woman, and a single mother without a strong support system or without formal education and still succeed. She has surmounted challenges that I see so many young women use as reasons why they can’t get ahead, and she uses her experience to lead by example. In my opinion, that is what makes her a true ‘unsung hero’.

We are delighted to announce that Melissa Busch is our first Aspect WIT Unsung Hero!  Congratulations to Melissa and the entire team at Vacation Myrtle Beach.  It’s been a pleasure getting to know your business and how passionate you all are at engaging in new technologies to advance your business.

We will be recognizing these unsung heroes on a quarterly basis. We want employees, colleagues, or friends to nominate a woman in technology as an unsung hero. Nominating someone couldn’t be easier, just click here!  


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  1. Congratulations Melissa! You are awesome and certainly worthy of this award! I have completely enjoyed working with you and you have given me the tools to be successful! Thank you so much, and CONGRATS!!!!

  2. Congratulations to Melissa from the entire Shine Studios and Vacation Myrtle Beach family. We are so proud of you! Your accomplishments speak for themselves, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to watch you grow!

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