What should contact centre managers focus on at the start of the new year?




So you’ve just come back from what may have been a few days or a week off over the holiday period. You’re refreshed and ready to start the new business year. So what is it you need to be thinking about when you first get back in the office?

The week before

Before your contact centre took a break, you will have been preparing and planning what you would come back to. No doubt this would have influenced your plans for the coming year.

Maybe you’ll have planned an audit of your team’s performance in the previous year. Or maybe you’ll have meetings to work out whether you’ll implement a new self-service system.

Whatever it is, you should have a clear plan of how your first week back will look.

Email inbox

Emails will probably be the first issue you’ll be facing. You will likely be returning to an inbox full of queries, which could come from colleagues or executives who were working over the period.

You will likely have your own routine for sorting through your emails but the important thing to remember is not to let it overwhelm you.

Ensure that you break away from the inbox to check in with your team and set the weekly, monthly and annual targets and goals early on in the day so everyone knows what they’re working towards.

Expect a performance dip

Your team will likely be a little slower than normal in the first week back from the festive period. They might still be thinking about being wrapped in a blanket on the sofa watching Christmas films and eating leftovers.

It might take them a few days to get back into the rhythm of their work days, but you can help by keeping them motivated. I would suggest offering an incentive to get your team back focused quickly. Providing the top performer with a prize will help motivate everyone. A small cash reward might be greatly appreciated after a tight December or maybe your top performer would like a couple of hours off the phones.

Whatever you choose to offer, I’m sure it should result in a boost to productivity.

Focus on the year ahead

Above all, I’ve found that the most important thing to do when you return to work after some time off is to remain focused on what your goals for the coming year are.

It’s important to ensure that you’re keeping up to date with the technology that will be taking off in 2017, so build that into your first week.

If you’re planning to become more of a customer engagement centre – something every contact centre should be working towards – it’s important to begin planning when you might start introducing the systems that will enable that. Setting up an estimated timeline of when you could expect to be bringing certain aspects in will help to keep you focused on your goal.

Performing a contact centre review will help you compare your current situation to the one you’d like to be in. Aspect can provide you with a self-assessment that focuses on ten key capability areas that affect your customers.

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