Are You Wasting Your Customers’ Time?


Seize the day. Life is short. Time is money. There are plenty of popular sayings that remind us just how precious every moment should be. And even if you’re living these maxims to the fullest in your own time, recent evidence suggests that many businesses have yet to adopt practices that can show they respect their customers’ time in the same way.

According to a recent MarketWatch study, customer service organizations continue to steal time from customers at an alarming pace, one stretch of hold muzak at a time. The study found that Americans spend a total of 900 million hours on hold every year. How much time is that? Roughly equivalent to 12,000 round trip space flights to the Sun.

Even if you look at the numbers on an individual level, things don’t get much better. According to MarketWatch, the average American will spend roughly 43 days out of their lives on hold, even before they speak to a contact center agent. The modern consumer wants autonomy and chances are that what they are calling your company about could easily be handled via self-service, like interactive text response (ITR) or a chatbot.  By offering self-service options to consumers, you’re empowering them to resolve basic customer service issues on their own and in a way that is convenient for them, without having to speak to an agent leaving them feeling good about both the company and themselves. If you’re looking to endear your brand to your customers, it is critical that you demonstrate appreciation for their time. So, as you look at the technology in place within your contact center, ask yourself this: can you honestly say that the processes and infrastructure in place in your organization are designed to expedite service?

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