Voicebots in Aspect Via® – How to Collect Sensitive Data in the Call Center Securely and Conveniently


With fraud continuing to be an area of concern, enterprise IT departments are pressing forward with best effort approaches to securing data. Agents in the contact center touch various systems holding personal and sensitive information and speak to customers over the phone and other channels. What can be done to ensure agents do not collect certain information and take it outside of the contact center to potentially commit fraud?

Aspect Via® offers a new feature that combines the best of two worlds: the human touch from agents to handle cases efficiently and professionally, and the controlled security of an AI-powered voicebot/IVR (a “digital employee” that collaborates with the live agent) to collect credit card numbers and similar sensitive data automatically without exposing the agent to that portion of the call.

A typical call flow could look like this:

  • A customer talks to an agent on a recorded line
  • Agent needs to collect credit card information for a payment and conferences in a payment voicebot to capture the required data and process the payment in a secure way
  • When the voicebot starts collecting the sensitive data, the agent line is deafened – agent doesn’t hear caller or voicebot. The recording is paused by the Aspect Via system.
  • After leaving the sensitive section, the voicebot announces the result of the payment – success or failure – to the caller (and to the agent who is listening in again now)
  • The job of the “digital employee” is done, and the voicebot drops from the call, the agent resumes the conversation with the customer

It’s a seamless choreography between agent, caller, and voicebot – and a perfect example of how technology can help keep sensitive data secure, protecting your customers…and your business.

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