Transforming Your Contact Center into a Hospitality Hotspot


If you’re in the hospitality industry, you know that the hotel your guests stay in can make the difference between a great trip and a poor one. Providing great customer service is an essential part of that guest experience. Whether guests are reserving a room or ordering room service, they need to be able to reach out to your employees and contact center agents whenever they need assistance, using whatever channel they prefer.

Unfortunately, issues in the back office can prevent this from happening. Outdated software systems, ineffective workforce management practices, and agent dissatisfaction can all become obstacles to delivering excellent guest service. The following case studies demonstrate how two hotel companies used Aspect solutions to improve their guests’ service experiences.

radisson-edwardianThe Edwardian Group London

With fourteen hotels located in London, Heathrow, Guildford and Manchester, The Edwardian Group London is one of the UK’s most prominent hotel chains. Its portfolio includes the May Fair and Radisson Blu Edwardian London, and it serves over 1.2 million guests each year. Before contacting Aspect, The Edwardian Group London was relying on an outdated, voice-only call center to communicate with guests. It wanted to upgrade its system as well as enhance its workforce optimization software to improve staff communications as well as give them more options to reach out to guests. The Edwardian Group London contacted Dell and Aspect to help it find a solution.

The installation of Microsoft Lync in addition to a new customer contact center based on Aspect’s Unified IP 7.1 for 150 agents and Aspect Workforce Management for 200 people radically changed the way The Edwardian Group London could provide guest service. Guests can now contact the company through a variety of channels including email, instant messaging (IM), and social networking.

Microsoft Lync makes it easier for agents to reach out to each other, their supervisors, and other company experts to find information and provide first-call resolution, while Aspect Unified IP 7.1 simplifies agent administration to make sure there’s always an agent available to answer a customer’s question. In addition, the company’s enhanced workforce management solution improves supervisor reporting and agent scheduling processes, resulting in increased productivity and lowered call waiting times. The Edwardian Group London is now more confident in serving its guests and delivers an exceptional guest experience whenever and however communications take place.

red-roofRed Roof

In the economy lodging industry, Red Roof has been a leader for over thirty years. It boasts over 350 US properties and serves millions of guests yearly. With its NextGen hotels, guests could experience updated facilities and comfortable, stylish rooms to enjoy during their stay. What guests didn’t see, however, were the struggles going on in Red Roof’s contact center. Supervisors were using manual reporting processes which caused them unnecessary stress, and agents’ requests for schedule changes and days off were often lost or forgotten. The contact center atmosphere was both unproductive and frustrating, which translated into a decline in guest experience. Red Roof knew it needed a solution that combined a workforce management system with inbound contact center capabilities.

Red Roof’s director of contact center operations, Eric Bassell, had previously worked with Aspect and wanted to install Aspect Unified IP and Aspect Workforce Management with Microsoft Lync and SharePoint to modernize their contact center. Aspect’s support capabilities and on-site service gave Red Roof the confidence to upgrade their systems, and the results were better than they expected. Over the last four years, Red Roof has won the JD Powers award for customer service twice, and they’ve received excellent reviews for agent friendliness, professionalism, and substantial service.

Thank to Aspect’s solutions, the contact center’s improved efficiency has increased employee satisfaction, agents’ investment in the company, scheduling, and supervisors’ reporting abilities. By using Aspect Active Learning, Red Roof has been able to decrease travel expenses as well as keep employees and agents actively engaged. As Red Roof continues to expand its brand, it can focus on providing excellent guest service to everyone who uses its hotels.

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