TCPA Compliant Without Reducing Profitability


TCPA Compliant Outbound MobileNearly everyone today thinks about the explosion and proliferation of mobile device use and how it has brought with it greater consumer convenience, entertainment or safety as a good thing. Everyone but contact centers. Today 55% of households can only be contacted via a wireless device which makes life difficult and complicated for contact centers trying to connect with their customers. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has strict regulations about contacting consumers’ mobile devices so sending a reminder, delivering an important notification or collecting a debt without explicit consent for mobile phone communication could result in big fines. TCPA violations cost businesses hundreds of thousands – even millions of dollars a year. And these fines are becoming more frequent, the beginning of 2014 alone saw a 30 percent increase in TCPA filings.

To avoid this, some companies have reverted to having agents make manual calls. Aside from the fact that this approach takes an organization backward from a technology standpoint, it’s inefficient and opens to the door for other compliance violations such as those enforced by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). In light of all this, contact centers executing any outbound processes have to have a strategy and solution to manage wireless contacts that both keep them in compliance AND maximizes, not minimizes agent productivity. To achieve this, it’s critical that outbound operations:

  • Understand the best way to contact customers on their wireless devices
  • Know that it’s not just a telemarketer issue
  • Learn how to engage customers in an efficient, profitable and compliant way

There are better options than simply throwing up your hands, turning back the clock and returning to the days of manual dialing. A few key components of a TCPA compliant solution include:

  • Licensed option for no auto dialing and no auto message for contacting wireless phones
  • Track and Control number type (e.g. wireless) and consent on a per customer record /phone position basis
  • Track and Control attempts across multiple accounts

A good outbound call strategy can eliminate the need to choose between over complying with reduced profitability or under complying while risking significant legal and financial exposure. Aspect works with hundreds of companies to help them understand TCPA, the implications on their business and how they can be more effective with their outbound calling strategies while staying in compliance.

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Michael Kropidlowski