Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Contact Center


Spring has sprung, and just like the millions of people that are emptying out their garages and dusting the cobwebs from their closets, now is the perfect time for businesses to do a little spring cleaning.

For contact center managers, that means it’s time to take stock of how you’re operating and figure out where you can streamline operations, optimize your agents, and sweep out the dust that is your old legacy network. Here are a few ways that the right contact center solution can make sure your organization is operating at peak efficiency during the seasons ahead. Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Contact Center

Omni-channel engagement

The more channels of communication and outreach that contact centers offer, the more likely it is that customers get their issues handled quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s voice, email, chat, SMS, IM, or various social channels, providing customers with multiple outlets of communication is a great way to streamline service and improve customer satisfaction. According to an annual survey from Microsoft, 90 percent of consumers expect an organization to offer a self-service customer portal, and 60 percent have a more favorable view if that self-service portal is mobile-responsive.


Contact centers can utilize big data to improve their response times and anticipate issues before they arise. With a workforce optimization solution from Aspect, you’ll gain valuable insights into your operation through both speech and desktop analytics. Moreover, workplace optimization features can help contact centers improve back office performance, gain a better understanding of customer needs, and increase the number of helpful tools that contact center employees have at their disposal. Through smarter scheduling, quality monitoring and recording of customer voice and text interactions, and increased consumer feedback through surveys, contact centers can ensure that operations are fully optimized.

Network speed and reliability

Contact centers are not small operations by any means, consuming nearly 100 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in the United States alone last year—enough to power a city twice the size of New York City! Since contact centers operate on a 24/7 cycle, it’s imperative that organizations maintain adequate bandwidth and speeds to keep everything functioning properly. Aspect’s solutions deliver continuity for consumers moving between different channels, including when they switch between outbound communication and inbound inquiries.

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