Provide Speedy Service Using Skype Connect with Aspect Unified IP


Skype ConnectImagine you’re a restaurant manager scouring the web, desperate to find a new coffee supplier before your breakfast business “grinds” to a halt. As you read over a potential supplier’s page, you tap a Skype button that connects you to a customer service representative through a call.  The agent answers all of your questions right then and there. You begin looking forward to having the aroma of the supplier’s coffee wafting through your café.

Since this supplier uses Skype Connect with the Aspect Unified IP contact center, the cost of this session is the same as calling any other Skype user – free!  And you didn’t have to take the time to find your phone, type in the number correctly, and burn up valuable minutes.  In fact, using Skype Mobile applications, you can get the same customer service using Skype on your smart phone! Contacting customer service has never been so easy or convenient.

Aspect Unified IP has been qualified by TekVizion to use Skype Connect, allowing consumers to reach into the contact center by calling through a Skype button. This feature is easy to install and use with your Aspect Unified IP contact center solution. Unlike calling other PSTN numbers, this solution operates via a Skype SIP trunk, meaning there is no charge or special sign-up for the caller. Businesses get a choice of competitive pricing plans for Skype Connect, and they can use these SIP trunks for all callers, not just Skype users. Better yet, with Unified IP’s flexible dialing patterns, you can determine when to call using Skype Connect or traditional PSTN trunks for maximum control.

Businesses can also use Skype for consumers to connect with them through their Facebook page. Imagine the possibilities to revolutionize your customer relationships! Wouldn’t it be nice for your customers to receive a reply before they finished their first cup of coffee?

What do you think about using Skype technology in the contact center? Let us know your thoughts on the future of Skype Connect in the comments below.

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