Performance Management Solution Improves Online Retail Operations


In the age of online and mobile shopping, where face-to-face interactions between customers and employees have dramatically decreased, providing great customer service via numerous channels is essential. Shoppers who face issues with online shopping often turn to customer service agents for assistance via email, social media, phone, or another channel. Yet when a contact center is unprepared for an increased number of customers reaching out to them, it can be a challenge to keep track of internal changes throughout the day.

If you have performance management software, this task may not be so daunting. Solutions such as Aspect Performance Management (APM) give everyone in the contact center the tools they need to check both real-time and historical progress on performance goals, call times, and customer records. Managers can easily locate statistics and records without having to manually create reports, while agents can view their performance results and compare their scores to those of their peers. Most importantly, all the information you need is presented in an easy-to-read summary with access to detailed reports as needed, allowing you to make faster decisions and decide on future coaching sessions for agents who need them.


Hayneedle, one of the world’s top online retailers, found much success using APM in their contact center. They are dedicated to making sure their 250+ in-office and remote agents provide the best service possible to their many online shoppers, especially during busy shopping times such as the holiday season. As their customer base increased, Hayneedle’s managers had difficulty tracking both caller and agent data. Shoppers visiting one of Hayneedle’s 250 websites were each calling different phone numbers but being directed to the same contact center, meaning that agents weren’t certain where to direct each call and managers didn’t know where the increased inquiries were coming from. All reports and results had to be manually collected, limiting its timely distributed to managers, directors, executive staff members, and agents. This created a reactive culture which couldn’t respond proactively to schedule changes, call volumes, or even agent contest results.

Hayneedle had been an Aspect Workforce Management customer for a long time, so when they were looking for a solution to better manage their back office data, they turned to Aspect. They selected APM for its ability to scale to their contact center’s capacity and provide much needed visibility and real-time information for their agents and managers. Aspect’s support team with remote capabilities also allowed Hayneedle the reassurance they needed that they were getting a solution that would work for them.

After installing APM, Hayneedle noticed a radical improvement in their contact center processes. They could pull data from the ACD, Workforce Management, CRM, and email databases into APM to create a single source for everyone to access contact center information. Managers and executive staff members now receive daily automatic updates about contact center performance as opposed to having someone manually gather the information and send it to them. This makes mid-day changes, such as sending some agents home when customer contact is slow, easier to predict and act on. Managers also appreciate serving the same amount of customers using less agents, saving Hayneedle both money and time spent coaching extra employees.

Agents have also benefited from APM. They are able to see their updated performance results every hour instead of the following day and have developed friendly competitions between one another to improve their results. 77% of agent sales are now in the middle to top tier of conversion percentage, as opposed to 17% before APM was installed. In addition, more customer emails are being answered within 24 hours (95% after APM was implemented versus 80% before). With more motivation, information, and custom coaching tools in their hands, agents are providing better service to Hayneedle’s customers. The result has been record sales conversions and agent performance levels.

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