Making the Back Office an Engine for Exceptional Customer Service


It seems obvious, but consider how all of your company’s customer service initiatives and goals are supported, directly or indirectly, by the back office processes you have in place.

Take just one customer’s experience. How is it changed depending on the speed and quality of fulfillment? And fulfillment can take many forms – a claim disbursed, a loan issued, a prescription filled, a purchase made or even returned. And this fulfillment depends on having the right people in place to meet demand, ability to manage work in real-time, and having visibility into the process that gives you the confidence that you can and are meeting service goals. Depending on the experience delivered by the back office, a ripple effect stretches out from that customer to social media sites to blogs to online forums and even to the calls, emails and chats your agents are receiving.

Solutions like Aspect’s Advanced Back Office Optimization that we announced last week can help you gain control of business processes and ensure that customers are ready to talk about the great experience they had with your company.

A McKinsey report shows that improving back office efficiency and effectiveness from average- to top-quartile levels can increase an organization’s net margin by two percentage points. What’s more, better back office solutions improve conditions for employees and help decrease attrition because employees are simply better prepared to handle the challenges that come their way.

Top-quartile companies achieve efficiency by implementing back office solutions that are flexible, dynamic, and based around solid analytics. The most comprehensive back office solutions are those that:

  • Allow flexible “what-if” analysis and scenarios to identify the right staffing levels
  • Optimize tasks across multi-skilled resource groups
  • Provide real-time work management to supervisors and managers
  • Contain multi-site, multi-skill and blended scheduling capabilities
  • Track actual to targeted employee performance so employees can understand and optimize performance, and managers can identify areas of improvement
  • Automate coaching when an employee’s performance falls below a set threshold

To learn more about how your company can create a back office that drives customer satisfaction, download our free white paper, Achieve a United Front – Front to Back.