Looking Ahead to the Customer Service of Tomorrow


It can be overwhelming to think about how quickly contact centers have changed over the past few years. Take a moment to reflect, yourself. What did your contact center look like in 2013? What does it look like now?

Change can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, it’s much more problematic if your contact center hasn’t changed at all during this era of digital transformation. Without adaptation, you simply won’t survive. But you can’t plan for the next five years by simply doing what’s worked for the last five. You’ve got to be proactive and keep an eye on what’s coming next.

Social media takes center stage: Two-thirds of consumers already expect your brand to offer customer service on social media. As the next crop of digital natives replaces the aging Baby Boomer population over the next five years, that figure is set to skyrocket. This shift will force contact centers to rethink their operations from the ground up, affording the potential for huge payoff for early adopters.

Service you can reach out and touch: Advances in augmented and virtual reality afford a number of new possibilities for customer service agents as well. Imagine having a highly-skilled agent from IKEA standing next to you in a virtual meeting space, physically showing you how to construct the jigsaw puzzle that is your new bookshelf. The applications are seemingly endless, and closer than you think.

Personalization becomes the new battleground: It would be shortsighted to think that Facebook’s recent data scandals were the big story. It’s really the tip of the iceberg. Consumers today are demanding personalization and offering data in exchange, while still expecting that it will be used responsibly. The use of data will either be able to spur positive innovation or tarnish your reputation irreparably. As such, it will be critical to use solutions that are effective, secure, responsible and of course, legal. As we seek to establish a framework for conducting business in this new era, you’ve got to use tools that keep you moving in the right direction.

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Chris O'Brien