Introducing: Aspect Active Learning Portal


Training is crucial when it comes to introducing new programs in the workspace. With the associated costs and seat time, however, the training itself may be condensed or glossed over. Incomplete training leads to inefficient, faulty operations that put both employees and the company at a disadvantage.

What if training could be easier, faster, and more accessible to all concerned?

Aspect’s Active Learning is a new, subscription-based approach to differentiated instruction that provides enterprises with learning resources for training on Aspect systems on your terms. With Aspect Active Learning, employees choose where and when they experience training—through self-paced eLearning courses or on-site, instructor-led learning events. Other highlights include:

  • Optimized resource utilization: Reduces training time by as much as 50 percent, with employees learning at their own pace, own time, and with the rhythm of your business.
  • Follow-up mentoring: With formal instructor-led events, employees can receive personalized mentoring with 1:1 follow-up time.
  • Consistent delivery: Easy, centralized access in the Aspect Active Learning Portal ensures standardization of learning content.
  • Maximized ROI: Reduces attrition, overall training time, training expenditures, and manager involvement with onboarding activities, while positively impacting the customer experience and financial results.
  • Learn as you evolve: Grows and adapts as your business expands with no additional out-of-pocket expenses for training after the initial subscription purchase.

Instead of blocking out full days devoted to training, Aspect Active Learning provides smaller modules of content relevant to the task at hand and available to employees in their moment of need.

Empower employees by providing them with a knowledge base that allows them to master new programs and systems.

Take advantage of these learning opportunities by investigating the new subscription system for Aspect Active Learning.

Kathleen Schroeder, Senior Product Marketing Specialist, has over 25 years’ experience representing the voice of the customer through global event presentations, webinars and integrated multi-national campaigns for numerous verticals ranging from education to transportation and tourism to telecommunications. As a member of Aspect’s Product Marketing team, Kathleen creates customer-facing programs and content to bring the value of next generation customer contact solutions to various market segments, while developing global customer initiatives, helping to launch new analytical solutions, and helping our customers deliver on the promise of excellent customer service.  

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