Turning On-Hold into an Interactive Experience: InQueue Engagement with Aspect Via®


Based on our own market research, customers prefer self-service and have likely taken time out of their day to call and resolve an issue they’ve likely already tried to address through web or mobile self-service…so why not make the most of every second of that call? We’ve developed Aspect InQueue™ to do just that, and it is a new set of features in Aspect Via®, our Customer Engagement Platform.

Aspect InQueue turns the dreaded “on-hold” time into an interactive experience – one where we can present information relevant to the caller, offer digital self-service while waiting for a callback, or even collect additional information to further shorten the handling time with the agent.

Imagine the following scenario, simple in its execution but impactful in its outcome for both the caller and the business:

An existing customer of an airline calls in to make changes to a flight reservation. Upon confirming what they are calling to do, they are put into the queue to speak to an agent. Once in the queue, however, the automated dialog continues: Are you looking to change the first flight, the return flight or both? Using natural speech to confirm that they wish to change the return flight to one earlier the same day, the IVR understands and offers two earlier flights that same day. Because the airline wants human oversight for the “change reservation” task before actually changing the reservation, all answers are saved and presented to an agent so that they can confirm and walk the customer through any change fees or important scheduling details. Have a look and listen to how the experience would be:

Using InQueue features like this is all about making the interaction smarter and more efficient for customers (or soon-to-be customers) and making better use of agents’ time while saving the business money.

And building the InQueue engagement in Aspect Via CX, the design component for self-service and routing logic, couldn’t be easier! Here is a sample flow that implements some of the logic of the use case we introduced above:

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