How Much Can Chatbots Save Your Contact Center?


Over the past few years, contact center spending has increased significantly as savvy businesses transform their processes to meet the growing demand for high-quality customer support. But the important thing to remember is that improving customer service doesn’t happen simply by expanding your budget.

Instead, contact center leaders must stay focused on integrating the kind of technology that can seamlessly and organically become part of larger company goals to ensure sustainable long-term growth.

Among the most important places to begin? Chatbots. According to a recent Business Insider report, 80 percent of businesses want to have chatbots deployed by 2020. There are numerous reasons cited by the report, but if you’re a contact center leader looking for a reason to deploy chatbots within your facilities, here are 23 billion: Business Insider also reports that chatbot deployments are poised to help contact centers achieve a staggering $23 billion in cost savings on an annual basis.

If you’re wondering whether or not your contact center could be bolstering your bottom line by deploying chatbots, here are a few signs that you could stand to benefit.

Your agents are handling too many inbound calls

If you’ve noticed that your agents are unable to absorb the volume of inbound calls coming into your contact center, it may not have anything to do with their ability. It may instead be reflective of your organization’s inability to properly direct the flow of your customers. Fortunately, chatbots are capable of resolving a wide variety of service inquiries, reducing volume for your agents. This, in turn, gives them the ability to spend more time giving focus and dedication to each customer.

Your infrastructure is becoming too costly

In an economy that increasingly favors mobility, your facilities and on-premise infrastructure itself can become more trouble than it’s worth—especially as legacy hardware becomes outdated and starts to require significant maintenance. Deploying chatbots across your various digital touch points should enable you to restructure your entire operations, including reducing infrastructure and associated costs.

Your social media sales are slumping

Chatbots aren’t just for customer service. They can assist with sales inquiries too. So if you’re only using social media to address service inquiries, you’re not using the platforms to your full advantage. Deploying chatbots to communicate with customers over social media provides your chatbots the opportunity to address issues, and then direct customers towards another buying opportunity. For instance, if the customer texts your chatbot because they want to return a sweater, your chatbot could direct them to another sweater entirely, keeping your customer engaged and brand-loyal in the process.

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