Got Cloud Questions? Ask a CFO


Is a cloud contact center right for your business? You are thinking that it is probably is – and that the time to make the move is rapidly approaching. But sifting through all the cloud marketing hype and drilling down to the real benefits and financial implications is no easy task.

The best thing to do is ask for clarification on a wide range of variables that need to be carefully considered, from customer expectations to internal processes, long-range and short-term objectives, as well as costs, contracts, incentives and more. Better yet, Ask a CFO.

The Ask a CFO program was developed by CFOs for anyone in need of CFO-level decision making guidance regarding cloud-based contact center technology. At our upcoming Ask a CFO webinar on December 2nd, Contact Center Economics and the Cloud, CFO Bob Krakauer and Drew Wright, co-founder and principal at Technology Finance Partners, will provide insights and direct, no-nonsense answers to your cloud questions.

In the meantime, you can find Bob’s answers to many frequently asked cloud questions, including:

Ask a CFO - Get Answers to Cloud QuestionsQ: How can the cloud drive bottom line results for the contact center?

A: As traditional competitive advantages become commoditized, the customer experience is emerging as the new battleground for winning business and maintaining consumer loyalty. Additionally, research continues to show a clear correlation between customer experience and loyalty metrics and profitability… (Read Bob’s full answer)

Q: How do we know if we’re getting the right capabilities at the right price?

A: Find a vendor who can be a trusted partner in tailoring your contact center solution to your customer journey, thus ensuring you’re delivering the right customer experience on the right channels, with pricing that’s competitive. Once you have an understanding of the features that you require, do a side-by-side comparison and be sure you understand where there are charges for advanced services. Finally, make sure the pricing you are looking at includes a strong Service Level Agreement for high availability.

Q: What costs are often not included in “pay-as-you-go” cloud pricing?

A: You know you’ll be paying for agent seats – but you should ensure there won’t be hidden charges for product support, administrative fees for increasing capacity during seasonal traffic spikes, or expensive riders to ensure the uptime service level you need. Also, ensure you understand both inbound and outbound telco charges if you aren’t bringing your own lines.

Q: If I go cloud, will a change in the weather affect my data latency?

A: If a vendor tries to add on a charge for waterproofing your packets or blames their downtime on sunspots, you should probably stop returning their calls.

See more common cloud questions in Bob’s FAQ, then tune in to the replay of our recent Ask a CFO webinar. Watch it now!

Chris O'Brien

Chris is a 15-year creative services veteran, with a background in copywriting, content management and graphic design. She works with the Aspect marketing and product teams developing digital assets (like infographics and ebooks) to help businesses make smart customer contact decisions.