Getting the Most from Aspect Via, Unified IP, and Advanced List Management? Meet the Coach and Find Out


Meet Your CoachThe former CEO of Google and chairman of Alphabet hated this advice the first time someone gave it to him, but now he shares it every single chance he getsHave a coach.” 

The right coach might not be an expert in your same specialty, but a coach can look at what you’re doing with another set of eyes.  Our favorite coaches give us two things: perspective (the one thing we can’t give ourselves) and tailor-made suggestions to help us tackle future challenges and succeed.  They help us unlock our potential and help us get to the next level. 

At ACE 2019, let’s take your Contact Center to the next level. 

Companies who have taken full advantage of Aspect Contact Center software have driven significant KPI and ROI improvements. Aspect Contact Center solutions can help your organization: 

  • Improve customer satisfaction by resolving issues quickly and delivering differentiated customer experiences through their channels of choice. 
  • Increase visibility into customer interactions by providing both agents and managers greater access to information 
  • Increase efficiency through automation, industry-leading compliance management tools, enterprise integration and access to robust reporting capabilities

Are you getting the most out of your Aspect Via, Unified IP, and Advanced List Management? 

Not sure? You may benefit from a 30-minute coaching session while you are at ACE 2019. We’ve opened up extra times this year, specifically so we could offer you a complimentary 30-minute interaction management consultation.  Bring your questions–even if you aren’t facing challenges, we’d love to meet with you.  Would you like to find out more about outbound campaign management, or increasing right party contacts?  Do you already have a plan, but need a second set of eyes?  Let us help.  

The free 30-minute coaching sessions run from Monday to Wednesday.  Some opportunities are already spoken for, so please sign up soon.  We can’t wait to see you at ACE 2019! 

Click here to reserve your complimentary 30-minute coaching session at ACE 2019.  The cost for these sessions is part of your ACE 2019 investment; so take advantage of the opportunity.  Sessions will be offered from Monday, July 29th through Wednesday, July 31st.