Five Things That May Scare Your Agents This Halloween


Halloween is here, contact center leaders! But if you think you’re going to be able to spook any of your agents with tacky decorations or a clown mask, think again. Having thick skin is part of the


job, after all.

If you really want to get a fright out of your agents, all you need to do is read on. Below we’ve listed five things that just may scare your agents this Halloween.

  1. Improper staffing levels: There may be no easier way to scare a contact center agent than to have them walk into work only to see a ghost town. Inadequate staffing levels are enough to scare even the most stoic agent, as it portends even more terror to come.
  2. Lack of agent coaching: In horror movies, it seems like everybody tries to elude the killer by running upstairs—only to find themselves caught with nowhere to go. Such is the case for agents without eLearning or coaching opportunities. Things might work for a while, but eventually, they’ll start to feel like they’re not moving forward. A lack of forward momentum is enough to scare off your ambitious agents looking for a long-term career opportunity.
  3. Disjointed channel experience: The channel experience is as much about providing customers with consistency as it is with giving agents a clear, contextualized picture of the individual they’re communicating with. But a disjointed channel experience will leave your agents feeling like they’re hearing multiple voices in their heads—even when there’s one individual making contact.
  4. Angry customers: Getting on the phone with an angry customer is like opening the door for trick-or-treaters on Halloween, only to find your front lawn has been covered in toilet paper and your car splattered with eggs. It may not be the agent’s fault, but they’ll still be responsible for sorting out the mess. If your customers are particularly riled up like this often, here’s a trick: your IVR system may be out of date, and your callers may simply be frustrated by the time they reach an agent.
  5. You: Yes, you! As the leader of your contact center, it is ultimately up to you to implement the kind of changes necessary to make sure your organization runs at full efficiency, with your agents happy, engaged and productive. A failure to act will certainly be enough to scare your agents this Halloween.

This Halloween, there’s no need to be a monster. Your agents have worked hard all year and deserve the treats without the tricks. To see how you can make life better for your agents with innovative contact center software, click here.

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Chris O'Brien

Digital Content Manager at Aspect
Chris is a 15-year creative services veteran, with a background in copywriting, content management and graphic design. She works with the Aspect marketing and product teams developing digital assets (like infographics and ebooks) to help businesses make smart customer contact decisions.
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