Empower Employees While Upholding Business Goals


Empowerment, as a buzz word, is getting a lot of traction recently. Behind the buzz, however, there are substantial benefits in creating systems that empower employees.

Companies that have higher than average employee engagement enjoy 50% greater customer loyalty and earn 27% more in profits.

Empowered employees help drive company success because they are more engaged, productive, and better aligned with a company’s business goals. This is the theme of the presentation Eric Hagaman and I will be presenting at the upcoming SWPP Annual Conference, Empowerment without Compromise: Building a Working Customer-Centric Culture in the Contact Center.

When employee empowerment is coupled with technology tools that drive business goals, companies can see even more far-reaching results.

Empowerment without compromise is about putting employees in control of their own destiny, while also tracking and measuring results to make sure they align with company goals. Empowerment of this type requires a strong technology foundation that allows for:

  • Self-service scheduling and vacation and PTO requests
  • Common business rules for schedule creation and modification as well as training
  • Communication and collaboration tools that create community and facilitate escalation of requests

The new social contact center is one that leverages these communication and collaboration technologies. Collaboration is emphasized in company forums. Analytics are measured and presented for both the individual and team to review. Productivity is enhanced through easily accessed learning portals.

When Alaska Airlines used these tools, they saw a 4.9% gain in productivity—the same increase as hiring 12 additional full-time employees!

If you have the opportunity to join us at the SWPP conference taking place April 9-11, be sure to stop by Aspect’s booth and let me know your thoughts on the subject. There’s still time to register!

Jane Hendricks, Senior Product Marketing Manager, oversees the linkage between customer value and Aspect technologies, with a focus on workforce optimization and enhanced customer service enabled through unified contact strategies. Jane has more than 15 years of experience in applying predictive, behavioral, and attitudinal analytics to understanding customers, employees and the technologies that help organizations maximize the results of their customer engagement strategies.

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