Customer Journey in an Omni-Channel World


In the customer service arena, one of the key performance indicators written about extensively is ‘First Call Resolution’, meaning the customer service representative was able to handle the customer issue without requiring multiple calls. Great, but is that the full story? In most instances, the customer journey began long before the phone call and shouldn’t end when the customer hangs up the phone.

A full customer story might begin with an advertising campaign with a special offer on the latest product that has a new feature. The customer sees the ad and thinks it looks great, but of course they want to check the online reviews, articles on the feature and vendor comparisons before they’ll buy it. If they can’t find the specific answer, they may use online chat to help them find that last bit of information they need to make the purchase.

Customer Journey


After the sale, they may need to schedule delivery through self-service applications using texting, web or voice. Now that they have their new showpiece, they want to get it set up right away, but sometimes it’s just not as easy as it looks on the videos. This is what prompts the call to the Support Center where the CSR can explain how to hook up the product to do just what the customer wants. Finally the customer receives a survey to rate the product and their customer support.

Imagine the information you can uncover when each step of the customer journey is available for analysis without going to who knows how many disparate systems! The ability to tie together information from your web site, CRM systems, self-service, customer service and quality management systems to show a complete path from discovery to a satisfied customer is no longer a luxury – it’s a competitive differentiator.

Understanding the customer journey doesn’t stop with reporting and visualizations. When you really want to gain specific insights into a customer experience, you need access to recordings of the interactions. You want to see the web pages the customer went to, how easy it was for them to find information, what their scheduling and customer service interaction was like along with the data from the survey they responded to. Armed with this level of information across each of the modalities, the insights to gain more customers as well as lessons learned to improve their experience is almost limitless.

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