Burstability: The Next Big Play for Your Contact Center This Season


They say it’s never too early to start thinking about “the season.”

One would naturally assume the holiday season, but not in this case.  We’re talking football season, and more specifically, college football, which is rapidly approaching. On August 30th, the first Saturday of the college football season, there are 60 games scheduled to be played, 50 of which will be televised (where is “The Ocho” when you need it to broadcast the other 10 games?) You may be asking what college football has to do with a cloud contact center. Let’s take a look at a few possible demand-driven scenarios that may occur on this day:

1. According to pizza.com, Saturday is already the most popular day to order pizza.  One can only imagine that demand increases when there are so many football games to watch. Pizza delivery restaurants will be busy with orders, not only by the traditional method of voice, but also via web and mobile applications. After all, it’s sometimes difficult to make a voice call from a house full of screaming fans!

2. The Ohio State University is playing Navy at noon eastern on a network generally available in the premium sports channel package.  Once Buckeye fans discover they may not be able to see the game, they’ll call their cable or satellite provider inquiring about adding the channel or college game packages so they don’t miss a second of the action. It’s dizzying, I know, but such packages exist!

3. The just-released AP Top 25 Poll ranks Florida State #1 and includes a record-tying 8 Southeastern Conference (SEC) teams.  Ticket offices for Florida State’s Doak Campbell Stadium and Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium will likely be very busy on days leading up to home games with inquiries for available tickets.

In each of these scenarios there will be sudden bursts of activity, lasting through the College Football Championship Game on January 12, 2015.  Then, pizza delivery restaurants will return to a less hectic Saturday delivery schedule, cable and satellite providers may have fewer customers in search of special channels and packages and the phone lines at football ticket offices will be less active.

Sudden changes in call center activity shouldn’t mean sudden stress. When you need burstability, the ability to scale quickly – up or down, the Aspect Cloud automatically makes capacity available to you when you experience a ramp-up, meaning no need to wait for resources to be deployed.  This minimizes periods of agent wait time and minimizes abandonment rates.

Our Cloud also allows you to leverage state-of-the art technologies without major investments in hardware and infrastructure.  You can be up and running in days — before the first kickoff.  Not weeks or months, after the urgent need has passed you by.