Building Trust through Social Media for a Better Customer Experience


If you’re like most of us, you log onto your social media sites and scroll through posts from people you know and businesses you follow. Of those, there are probably a handful of interactions and updates that you especially enjoy. Think about why that is. What makes those accounts stand out from the rest?

According to Brent Gleeson’s recent Forbes article, that level of engagement is likely due to the trust that company has built up with you and its other customers through social media. As Gleeson says, “Trust is the most crucial element of social media,” as it’s a platform where companies are able to interact directly and immediately with customers.

For a brand, building trust through social media provides an opportunity to meet and exceed customer expectations during future interactions.

The dialogue that social media creates between customers and businesses is a powerful and, at this point, necessary tool for understanding customer’s expectations and needs. In order to gain that trust, Gleeson proposes the following strategies:

  • Provide quick and responsive communication with customers about both accolades and complaints for an opportunity to showcase the company’s great service to a larger audience
  • Openly engage in social media through all levels of the company—82% of customers trust a company more if the CEO has a social media presence
  • Use social media as a tool to ensure accountability across all products and services; with enough engagement and transparency, a company can’t afford not to make sure every customer has a great experience

When every customer interaction with any employee is responsive and positive, a company can truly create the best possible customer experience.

What are your thoughts on this? Is your business actively building trust with your customers through social media?

Chris O'Brien