Breakfast seminar: transforming your contact centre


We recently held the first in a series of breakfast seminars outlining the current challenges being faced by customer contact teams. The event, held in the beautiful setting of Tower Bridge aimed to provide insights on how organisations can transform their contact centres to remain competitive in an increasingly difficult landscape.

The current landscape

As any organisation knows, customer contact is no longer just about satisfying needs – it’s about understanding the need, respecting the customer’s time and going above and beyond to deliver an exceptional service. With loyalty disappearing, buying habits altering and the introduction of GDPR creating new direction in the sharing of details, the customer contact landscape has never been more difficult and customers now expect all information at the click of a button.

However, self-service technologies such as chatbots and IVR are making the contact function simpler for both customers and agents, and Gartner predicts that by 2020, customers will manage 85 percent of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human.

Expert insight

At our breakfast seminar, the requirement for contact centres to transform was addressed and we heard from Aspect experts on digital disruption and how organisations can best interact with the modern customer.

In addition, Ann-Marie Stagg, CEO of the Call Centre Management Association, provided insights into the modern customer and gave an overview of the five key customer engagement trends. These include the public’s desire for simplicity and an increased trend of more sharing on an emotional level, as well as the re-framed expectations of today’s customers.

Following this, our client William Hill spoke about the company’s aim to continually innovate. It was exciting to hear from an organisation that truly understands the needs of its customers and how to best serve them. Interestingly, William Hill’s main contact channel is largely online chat now and the team have found data insights – something they initially weren’t concerned about – to be the most valuable element of the Aspect Via installation, delivering them data that enables them to better manage peaks and troughs in customer demand.

Breakfast seminar programme

Thanks to everyone that attended and made the event a huge success and thanks again to our friends at William Hill for sharing their insights and to Ann-Marie for her teachings on the key factors that need to currently be considered.


If you’d like further information on the content of this seminar or details on further breakfast seminars contact us here.