Best of ACE 2019 Replay: Outbound Strategies and Best Practices


Have you ever attended a conference and had an agenda crisis?  Two sessions you wanted to attend, but you can’t be in two places at the same time. ACE 2019 was four days full of exclusive insights and interactive product sessions. With so much awesome content, maybe you experienced an agenda crisis there?  Or maybe you were unable to join us.  Last week we rolled out a solution, The Best of ACE 2019.

This webinar series brings back some of our most popular breakout sessions from the conference, on-demand.

The series starts with Aspect Senior Product Manager Don Hudecek providing insight into Outbound Strategies and Best Practices. The session discusses regulations governing customer outreach strategies which make it hard to maintain compliance while aiming for the highest productivity and profitability.

The last thing any organization wants to face is a fine or a lawsuit.  Don explains how Aspect solutions help organizations deploy smart, compliant campaign strategies that allow companies to take full advantage of engagement opportunities, save time and resources and adhere to regulatory requirements.

If you missed this session, not to worry.  Watch the replay at your convenience.

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