Benchmarking for Customer Service Improvement and Growth


It’s safe to say that providing great customer experience is a linchpin for many companies today. In a recent post, we noted that 67% of organizations said that improving customer experience is in their top three priorities. However, when it comes to developing strategies that can help us move forward to create truly dynamic experiences for our customers, it’s a good idea to first establish a set of benchmarks that will help you outline your objectives and measure your success.

Benchmarking your customer service initiatives is a proven way to provide realistic and achievable goals for improvement.

While benchmarking—evaluating your company in comparison with best-in-class businesses—can better help your company define goals, it also serves a number of other purposes. Benchmarking can:

  • Jumpstart a company’s improvement plans by creating a sense of urgency
  • Identify and prioritize specific areas of improvement in the customer contact cycle
  • Challenge outdated processes and help a company avoid stagnation
  • Motivate employees to improve operations by showcasing real-life working models
  • Help a company participate with the wider community of customer experience providers

Benchmarking isn’t just about numbers; it’s about inspiring and creating a sense of responsibility when it comes to change.

Taking a list of clear, detailed results can help any company move toward further improvement in the customer service realm. However, by taking these suggestions and incorporating them into a company-wide philosophy of proactive, continual improvement, benchmarking can serve to transform a company and its services in the long term.

Take the first step today to see where your company stacks up in terms of customer service by downloading Forrester’s benchmarking assessment tool.

With measurements across 37 areas of innovation, and a total of 154 best practices, Forrester’s tool can help you pinpoint areas of improvement in your company and jumpstart a program for customer service improvements.

Learn more about the tool by registering for the webinar on Thursday, February 28, featuring guest speaker Kate Leggett from Forrester Research. In the webinar, Leggett will discuss the key areas of the assessment tool and the insight these can provide into your company’s customer service experience.


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  1. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter where or how you set your benchmark if you don’t meet the needs of your customers. Their benchmarks and their expectations are the most important metrics to strive to reach!

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