Aspect Via® Workforce Management™ Supporting Amazon Connected Home Vision


Most of us know about Amazon’s acquisition of back in February of this year, the second largest acquisition ever made by Amazon, exceeded only by their acquisition of Whole Foods.  It’s been a wild ride since Ring’s rejection on Shark Tank back in 2013 to its buy-out in February for over $1 billion.  What started as a company with just a wireless video doorbell system has now blossomed into a tour de force with a wide range of security products including motion detectors, video cameras and whole house alarm systems.

Now sporting over one million customers, their growth has been nothing short of astronomical.  With Ring certainly being a key component of the Amazon vision of a fully connected home, the prospects of integration to Alexa, Amazon Key and other Amazon Smart Home products are bright, and Ring growth will continue strong for the foreseeable future.

Enabling an effective customer service organization for a large and growing customer base is a daunting challenge.  When Ring recently looked at workforce management solutions to improve customer service and control contract center costs for its 1,000 agents, Aspect Via Workforce Management stood out from the rest of the pack because of its market-leading reputation, scalability and sophisticated features that give workforce planners excellent visibility into agent activities.  You can read the entire Ring case study here.

Amazon undoubtedly has big plans for Ring as the online retail juggernaut moves toward increasing convenience and better control over the “last mile” of package delivery.  One could easily envision a scenario in which Amazon Prime members can order their groceries through Alexa, Whole Foods/Amazon Fresh fulfills the request, and Ring security products are used to grant access to the home for the delivery person while ensuring security and consumer peace of mind.  Of course, there are many other ways that Amazon could use the Ring technology, for example making the intelligence of Amazon Alexa available at the front door to selectively admit people or using image recognition AI to alert the homeowner only if the approaching person is not recognized.

Time will tell exactly what the visionaries at Amazon are thinking.  In the meantime, Aspect will be providing its most advanced WFM software to Amazon to ensure that Ring is delivering the best customer service in the home security industry.  Learn more about Aspect Via WFM.