Aspect EQ WFO 8.2: A Major New Release of WFO Software from Aspect


Aspect is announcing the general availability of Aspect EQ Workforce Optimization 8.2, with many important new features such as gamification, high accuracy forecasting of labor in non-voice channels and much tighter integration among WFO components. Aspect EQ WFO 8.2, which includes WFM, Performance Management, Quality Management, Recording, Coaching, Surveys, Speech/Text Analytics, Desktop Analytics, Back Office Optimization and Active Assignment solutions, is a major leap forward for Aspect as a leading provider of workforce optimization solutions for contact centers worldwide. Aspect continues to demonstrate its commitment to being among the top 3 providers of WFO by investing heavily in its portfolio, especially in the areas of:

  • Improved agent engagement through a much simpler and more intuitive user interface as well as easy communication with the contact center via universally available mobile devices
  • Tighter data and workflow integration across all WFO software components
  • Common look and feel of all WFO software components via a web-based user interface that runs on all commonly used browsers and mobile devices (the WFO 8.x UI)
  • A rich recording and quality management offering that uses an open and non-proprietary architecture, yet is fully secure with AES 256 bit encryption and automated pause/resume
  • Optimizing the workforce for the omni-channel contact center of the future with heavy use of digital channels as well as traditional voice channels
  • Support for newer technologies such as Windows 10, Edge and 64 bit architectures
  • Focus on analytics tools to surface valuable agent and process insights latent in data throughout the contact center
  • New cloud enablement features help create a complete cloud WFO ecosystem with the richest features in the industry
  • Continued introduction of valuable new features throughout the portfolio that set Aspect apart in the marketplace

Enhancements in Aspect EQ Workforce Management 8.2

Aspect EQ Workforce Management is Aspect’s flagship offering, and with the release of WFM 8.2, Aspect continues to cement its leading position in the market. Below is a sampling of the powerful new features in WFM 8.2:

  • Multi-Channel Performance – Accurately and optimally blend staff across all channels including inbound/outbound voice, email, multi-skill multi-conversation webchat, SMS, IM and social media direct messaging. Aspect is using a ground-breaking new approach to measuring and forecasting omni-channel interactions to ensure the highest possible forecasting accuracy in all channels. If you are doing workforce planning in non-voice channels, Aspect EQ WFM 8.2 is a clear choice for your omni-channel contact center.
  • Intra-Day Adherence View in Web UI – We listened to our customer community and delivered one of the most highly sought-after enhancements to the WFM 8.x UI. Quickly see the difference between agents’ assigned schedules and their actual activities both for real-time and for historical data, all in the thin client Web UI. View the Intra-Day Adherence of the entire team, such as in the example below:

workforce-optimization-solution-WFO 8.2 1

  • 64 Bit Platforms – Take advantage of the power available in 64 bit hardware/software platforms on both the server and client sides. Enjoy better parallel processing, faster bus architecture, higher security, better scalability and lower TCO.
  • Other Enhancements – Aspect EQ WFM 8.2 also includes many other functional and UI improvements designed to improve agent engagement and productivity

Enhancements in Aspect EQ Quality Management 8.2

Aspect EQ Quality Management is rapidly gaining traction as an industry-leading, full-featured recording and quality management solution for even large contact centers. This release includes some significant enhancements:

  • Speech Analytics – Sophisticated speech analytics is now available directly from the evaluations page of our Quality Monitoring offering and is fully integrated with our thin client WFO 8.x UI. This efficient speech solution performs automated interaction categorization as well as ad hoc searches on interactions using keywords and phrases to help drive improved customer experiences and frictionless business processes.
  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery Features – Flexible new tools have been added to AQM to simplify the process of replicating the recording database including the ability to configure a new database, choose the primary replica for site and switch as well as create an audit trail of replication activities among others.
  • Enhanced Screen Recording Compression – We have greatly reduced the use of storage, bandwidth, CPU and memory for screen recording by implementing an enhanced screen video encoding process. This new compression technique ensures that recording, playback and live monitoring for even work-at-home agent screens is near real-time.
  • Enhanced Workflow Across WFO Products – Aspect has deepened the integration among its WFO components, so it’s very easy to create targeted coaching modules based upon specific agent quality challenges. Within AQM, the user can assign a coaching session while playing back a voice or screen interaction, as shown here:

workforce-optimization -WFO 8.2 2

  • Zipwire Integration with Aspect EQ WFO – Aspect continues to unify our Interaction Management and WFO offerings. Aspect Zipwire customers can now use our best-in-class Aspect EQ WFO solutions to perform recording, quality management, surveys, performance management, coaching and speech analytics on Zipwire voice calls. This significantly enhances the richness of Zipwire as a complete contact center solution.
  • Search Features in the WFO UI – The Search Types and associated Search Criteria available in the WFO UI have been greatly expanded

Enhancements in Aspect EQ Performance Management 8.2

Aspect EQ Performance Management 8.2 differentiates the entire WFO portfolio with contact center big data analytics, coaching and gamification. Release 8.2 includes the following enhancements:

  • Gamification Badging – Aspect has introduced the badging component of its native gamification capabilities. Aspect Gamification is a powerful but natural way to engage and entertain agents in friendly competition, so they are motivated to perform at the best of their ability.

workforce-optimization-gamification-WFO 8.2 3

  • Unified IP Contributor – This release of APM includes a productized contributor to extract the wealth of data about calls, agents and services resident in UIP and make it available for analysis in APM.
  • Multi-Tenant Enhancements – With release 8.2, up to 16 instances of APM can run per server, ensuring great economics for hosted/cloud APM. Each instance can be installed, upgraded, repaired, patched and uninstalled independent of the other instances.

It’s Time to Upgrade

Many Aspect WFM, AQM and APM customers have already migrated to one of the recent WFO 8.x releases with its modern UI and other advanced features. For those customers that have not yet made that transition, there’s a huge improvement in functionality and ease-of-use awaiting you. For those customers that have already made the transition to one of the 8.x releases, this latest 8.2 release has significant enhancements and should be on your list to consider upgrading in the near future.

If you have any questions, please visit our Workforce Optimization web page or contact your sales rep for more information.

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