Are You Thinking Win-Win in Your Contact Center?


Many enterprises fall into the habit of treating their contact centers like zero-sum games. When the focus is on cost, it’s easy to miss the possibilities afforded by a more humanistic approach to the agent environment.  In a recent report from Forrester, Ian Jacobs reminds us, “A helpful and personable agent can turn even unpleasant tasks into surprisingly winning interactions. Contact center managers need to keep their agents happy, if only to make it more likely that customers will have positive experiences.” This sage observation points to an obvious win-win. If we can make agents happy, we can make customers happy – and more loyal, but that requires us to think outside the cost containment box to embrace a more strategic view of the contact center.

How can we ensure better agent engagement to make them happy? Aspect has developed an innovative set of products that radically simplifies communication between agents and the contact center using mobile devices.  Agents can do self-service scheduling in the channel of their choice including IVR, smartphone apps, natural language interactive text response (ITR) and even direct messages via social media. Mobile access to contact center scheduling is a win for agents and a win for the enterprise, because it gives the modern Millennial agent the ability to easily balance work life and personal life while on the go, and it has been demonstrated to significantly reduce absenteeism and employee turnover.

Aspect’s natural language ITR capability powers Aspect® MiaTMMy Interactive Assistant. It is ingenious technology that can rock the agent’s world. With it, agents can remotely review schedules, make changes and perform other common agent tasks using conversational English over SMS. Click on the video above to see Jorge Cruz, Director of Innovations at Aspect, explain how Aspect is changing the agent’s world for the better.

Imagine the agent’s delight when he or she can just text “I can’t come in tomorrow because of a family emergency” and have the system understand the text message and immediately reply with “Okay. Your vacation request is approved.  You have 24 more vacation hours available. Have a good day.” That’s powerful technology that has strong appeal, especially for Millennial contact center agents, because it empowers them to easily control their own schedules via smart self-service. Aspect Mia is a perfect example of how Aspect is applying its advanced customer engagement technology to agent engagement and reaping rewards for all concerned in the process. It’s truly a win-win.



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