A High EQ (Engagement Quotient) at the SWPP Conference


high-eqOne of the most important trade shows in the world of WFO is the Society of Workforce Planning Professionals annual conference, hosted at the Omni Hotel in downtown Nashville.  Aspect maintains a high presence at this show with platinum sponsorship, since the attendees are squarely at the center of our WFO audience, and it’s a great opportunity to demonstrate Aspect’s thought and product leadership to a concentrated group of industry experts.

Aspect prominently displayed its new WFO 8.1 icon and widget-based user interface and touted the new Aspect EQ branding for our broad and rich WFO portfolio. Enabling high levels of engagement for both customers and contact center employees is a key objective of the Aspect EQ offering, hence our emphasis on an Engagement Quotient as a measure of overall engagement. In this video taken at the Aspect booth, Mike Bourke, SVP and GM of Workforce Optimization describes the Aspect offering and show proceedings.

Last year, Aspect brought to market a remarkable new user interface for agents in the form of WFO 8, and this year, WFO 8.1 extends the productivity and ease-of-use advantages to include supervisor functions.  In this short video, Eric Hagaman, Product Manager for WFO and WFM explains some of the new capabilities of WFM 8.1.

The rapidly growing interest in effective WFO tools is demonstrated by the 20% increase in attendance this year with 70 breakout sessions distributed over three days.  There were also three sessions dedicated to Back Office WFO this year, compared with none last year, a harbinger that WFO in the Back Office will be an important consideration for buyers in the future.

The big news for Aspect is the dramatic increase in traffic at the Aspect booth. There was a constant din of activity around the booth with much attention being focused on the new user interface.  The number of Aspect Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) was up by an impressive 25%, which is large by anybody’s standards and a clear indication that Aspect was stealing the show.  To borrow from our new Aspect EQ WFO branding, I guess you could say that Aspect had a high Engagement Quotient with our customers at SWPP.  We look forward to attracting even more attention next year as we continue to make great technical improvements to the Aspect EQ portfolio.

Robert Moore