7 Must-Read Books from Aspect’s Executive Team


Beyond their reputation as early risers and positive thinkers, business leaders have also established themselves as avid readers. While it is no stretch tobook-reading-learning-letters_blog assume that they are consuming the latest articles in business publications like the Wall Street Journal, the Economist and Financial Times we also know the benefits of reading extend far beyond today’s latest news. Citing research from the Psychology of Fiction Erika Anderson writes in Forbes about how reading fiction can help people become more emotionally intelligent.

It seems that reading fiction improves your sensitivity to and appreciation of complex human situations; it provides a richer ‘toolkit’ of understanding from which to pull when making decisions and building relationships.  And as our business lives get more complex, faster-paced, less hierarchical and more dependent upon our ability to build support with those around us – that kind of toolkit becomes ever more critical to our success.

Each quarter at Aspect we update the executive biographies on our website and we include the executives’ latest reading material, whether it is a book, article, or magazine. We’ve compiled the latest updates into an Aspect executive reading list. You’ll notice a wide variety of genres.

Gwen Braygreen, SVP, Aspect Customer Care

The Wright Brothers by David McCullough

Gwen says: If McCullough could make a biography on President Truman a thrilling read, the history of flight should be an adventure!

Michael Regan, SVP, Research and Development

Continuous Delivery by Jez Humble and David Farley

This book is for the technology experts working to get new software to the market. Continuous Delivery provides principles and best practices for working under tight deadlines to bring reliable, new functionality to users.

Private Games by James Patterson

A suspenseful book that keeps readers on the edge of their seat as it tells the story of a renowned investigation firm working a high-profile murder case at the London Olympics.

Steve Beaver, SVP and General Counsel

Hornblower & The Atropos by C.S. Forester

Follows the adventures of Captain Horatio Hornblower, the caption of a small 22-gun sloop, the Atropos as she pursues Napolean and searches for treasures in the Turkish waters.

Bob Krakauer, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

The Girl from Krakow by Alex Rosenberg

As European nations crumble around Rita Feuerstahl she abandons her pursuit of a traditional life and struggles for survival knowing that she carries secrets that could threaten the Allies victory.

Guido DeKoning, SVP, Human Capital  

Lead by Greatness by David Lapin

Lead by Greatness illustrates how corporations can find their unique identity and use it to their advantage to drive growth and reveal new opportunities.

Jim Haskin, SVP and Chief Information Officer

The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, and George Spafford

The book follows an IT manager, Bill, as he must bring the Phoenix Project at his organization to completion in the next three months and reign in the over-budget project. Bill introduces the Three Ways philosophy.

Whether you are in a reading rut or constantly consuming content, we hope this list helps inspire you to find your next book or article. And next quarter, take a look at our executive bios for more reading material.

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Rebecca Anderson

Rebecca Anderson writes on the latest research and trends related to the customer experience focusing on omni-channel and the agent experience. Rebecca provides strategy for Aspect’s social media and public relations objectives.
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