4 Key Workforce Optimization Resolutions You Need to Make for the New Year


The days of siloed workforce optimization solutions are coming to an end as the bar for WFO gets set higher and higher in the ongoing search for the holy grail of outstanding customer engagement. Fundamental changes need to be made in most legacy WFO systems to bring them current with best-practices standards established by WFO leaders. Below are 4 WFO New Year’s resolutions that will help you to ensure you are delivering the best possible customer experience and engagement for your organization:

  1. Strive for Deeper Integration: Workforce optimization solutions must integrate more closely than ever with the ACD, contact center infrastructure and third party solutions to ensure high quality customer experiences across all customer channels. This new breed of WFO must exchange more complex information from more channels and more systems in order to manage a workforce that is highly distributed, with many specialized niche skills, working in collaborative groups, handling multiple sessions of different channels concurrently, by having access to as much information as possible from disparate systems. Deeper and more flexible data sharing across all contact center systems give you more power to successfully navigate the increasingly complex world of the multi-channel contact center. web-iStock_000021753917Medium
  2. Don’t Forget Your Back Office Workers: More and more companies are coming to realize that enterprise workforce engagement and optimization is more than just the front office. The Back Office makes a critical contribution to the success of the overall customer experience, but it is usually forgotten while the front office contact center gets all of the attention. Workforce optimization can play a significant role in Back Office efficiency and quality resulting in a better employee experience, better customer experience and much better business outcomes. The potential return on investment for enterprises using Back Office WFO tools is enormous. Existing solutions in the back office typically don’t address the full range of unique workforce problems challenging Back Office administrators, and there is huge opportunity to improve productivity, quality and ultimately customer engagement.
  3. Consider Cloud Deployment: Deploying in the cloud has become a clear imperative for many organizations. The benefits in efficiency, cost management, converting CAPEX to OPEX, independence from IT, ensuring current updates, ability to ramp volumes up and down at will and shear operating success are becoming overwhelming. Workforce optimization, contact center infrastructure and automation tools must be easy to deploy, and cloud-based solutions should be easy to use, like those available in the Aspect Cloud.
  4. Leverage the Power of Analytics: The increasing power of Speech and Text Analytics will transform the very nature of the Quality Assurance process in most contact centers. Advancement in analytics technology and deeper integration with quality evaluation software are leading to a redefinition of the quality process through an analytics enabled quality program. This next generation of quality solutions will enable automated scoring of all calls, allowing the QM mentors and supervisors to focus on much higher value add activities and far more focused traditional evaluations, shifting focus to high value, high risk, or otherwise critically important calls. With this automated process we can essentially invert the traditional model so that every call receives some evaluation rather than the traditional sampling of calls, where only a tiny fraction of calls get evaluated. Not surprisingly, with more sampled data points, the software can make more accurate inferences about recurring patterns of good and bad behaviors.

2016 is a new year and a new opportunity to do things right, both for yourself personally and for your business.  To put your contact center on the right path this year, consider these four simple resolutions that could make a large difference in your contact center operations and customer engagement strategy.

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