Make Way for Messaging: The New Point of Entry for the Customer Service Experience


New consumer research from Aspect Software shows compelling data that consumers are more than ready for messaging-based brand interaction. The Aspect Consumer Experience Index found that 38 percent of consumers would rather use messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to engage with customer service versus phone calls. And while voice interactions maybe on the decline, customer interaction traffic is not.

But it’s not just consumers’ growing preference for non-voice channels driving the shift, frustration with customer service as a whole continues to plague the brand experience for many consumers. A year ago, the Aspect Index found that 32 percent of people would rather clean a toilet than contact customer service.  Consumer experiences were simply that unpleasant. This year that number has climbed to 42 percent. Consumers are clearly calling for a change and messaging-based customer service just might be the answer.

Clearly consumers are moving rapidly into the digital dimension and messaging could become the simple and central interaction point for the entire digital ecosystem.