10 Must Haves for Cloud-Based Customer Engagement Platforms


I’ve had a few interactions recently with customer service departments. None of them have been noteworthy. They weren’t terrible but I certainly couldn’t say that any of them were quick, convenient or exceptional interactions either. We hear a lot about bad customer service experiences because of the outrage they trigger. These stories might be repeated at the dinner table or make the news if they teeter on the outrageous. However, it is mediocre experiences that many companies have set as their standard which result in an indifferent customer base whose business is up for grabs by their competitors. 

As we head into the last quarter of 2018 and start to look at 2019 priorities, cloud-based customer engagement platforms must be a serious consideration for any customer service department looking to provide better experiences and keep pace with mobile, tech-savvy, self-sufficient consumers. If you find yourself in this group, take a quick look at these must-haves a consumer engagement platform should include:

  1. All-In-One Platform with native Interaction Management, Self-Service and Workforce Optimization capabilities

A single platform approach allows for seamless transitions from automated to live service and a tighter, easier integration with enterprise systems and workflows.

  1. Personalized, Role-based, User Desktop

Streamlined user experience for managers, team leads and agents reflecting individual preferences, work habits and responsibilities, all available on all client devices – desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

  1. Common UI for Configuration and Administration

A common UI across all capabilities allows administrators to provision and provide services to users based on role-based persona profiles.

  1. Shared Real-Time and Historical Reporting

Real-time dashboards provide up-to-the-minute actionable data that can be combined with other business data sources while historical reporting and dashboards allow organizations to analyze data and uncover trends to improve operations and service strategies.

  1. Comprehensive Proactive Outbound and Compliance

Proactive outreach and proactive customer care via voice, email or SMS is fundamental to keeping customers engaged and informed.

  1. Modern Self-Service

A modern IVR experience can offer a more “human” self-service experience, while digital Self-Service omni-channel experiences like automated chat, SMS, leverage the latest generation of natural language understanding technologies and chatbot capabilities.

  1. Comprehensive Workforce Optimization

Comprehensive workforce, quality and performance management capabilities maximize productivity and workflows to ensure proper resources are on hand at the appropriate times.

  1. A Rich Set of APIs for External Integration with CRM Systems and Enterprise Data Sources

A SaaS (Software as a Service), open architecture with robust APIs ensures organizations can unite systems and operations across the enterprise that impact the customer experience.

  1. Delivery of New Features through Reliable Cloud Services

SaaS deployment, combined with an agile development methodology speeds the delivery of new features without painstaking upgrades, business disruptions and costly professional services.

  1. Smooth Transitions, from Traditional to Modern, from Premise to Cloud

Careful forethought and good planning can preserve business continuity, protect data assets and shorten end-user learning curves while curtailing professional services expenses.

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