Aus Abweichungen lernen: Tagessteuerung ist integraler Bestandteil der Personaleinsatzplanung


Workforce Management Software (WFM, Personaleinsatzplanung) wird eingesetzt, um den Personalbedarf für alle Inbound, Outbound, Blended und Back Office Ressourcen einfach und genau zu prognostizieren und den Personaleinsatz bedarfsorientiert zu planen. Aber was, wenn es nicht so läuft wie geplant?

Zur vorausschauenden Planung gehört es, alle relevanten …

Aspect Workforce Management Takes to the Cloud


Aspect is taking to the cloud again, and this time they’re taking their 40-year legacy of contact center workforce management with them.  With the availability of Aspect Essential and Aspect Via Enterprise cloud-based customer engagement platforms, Aspect is making Via Workforce Management (WFM) available as …

Taking the Workforce Management Cloud Market by Storm


Workforce management is the most fundamental and commonly used of the workforce optimization software components.  Historically it’s been an on-premises application, but the past few years have seen some lower functionality WFM solutions delivered from the public cloud.  Aspect is about to turn the workforce …

Why You Need to Upgrade Your Aspect WFM System: Workforce Management Excellence, Part III


For decades, Aspect Workforce Management has been ranked among the top 3 solutions available on the market. Pelorus Associates recently published a report confirming that Aspect is, in fact, the #1 provider of workforce management systems world-wide. That distinguished award did not happen by accident.  …