Using Workforce Optimization Best Practices in Your Contact Center


At the last roundtable hosted by CRMXchange, I had the pleasure of participating alongside several of my peers from Enkata, Intradiem and NICE to explore topics related to workforce optimization, focusing specifically on the issues facing front and back office managers such as agent performance, …

Explore Workforce Optimization Technologies that are Revolutionizing Business


Did you know that StarTek—a leading business process outsourcer—improved their agent ratios from 1-75 to 1-130 by leveraging a centralized workforce management team and technologies?

Likewise, Sykes Enterprises implemented workforce optimization tools and processes that helped them raise employee productivity, business process efficiency and overall profitability.

New …

Diapers and Dialers: What Contact Centers Can Learn from Target’s Pregnancy Predictions


Last week, Mitch Wagner, editor in Chief at The CMO Site put out a blog post on how Target Knows You’re Pregnant Before the Stork Does that I thought had some interesting relevancies to the contact center space. Not on pregnancy predictability of course, but …