Quality Management with Actionable Results


No matter how good your quality management process is, you need fundamentally strong QM tools to capture customer interactions, surface underlying issues and take corrective action. These tools typically include recording, quality monitoring, coaching and speech/text analytics. In fact, it is virtually impossible to implement …

Workforce Optimization has Evolved. Has Your Contact Center?


Customer experience has been called the next battlefield for market share, and on the contact center front this battle is being fought exceptionally hard. It’s an objective that now spans every key area of customer-facing business. In fact, a recent Aberdeen Group report found that …

A High EQ (Engagement Quotient) at the SWPP Conference


One of the most important trade shows in the world of WFO is the Society of Workforce Planning Professionals annual conference, hosted at the Omni Hotel in downtown Nashville.  Aspect maintains a high presence at this show with platinum sponsorship, since the attendees are squarely …

Addressing Workforce Optimization Challenges


Recent years have brought new demands on the contact center — think omni-channel, self-service, mobile applications, public venting of consumer displeasure — and thus new challenges for the workforce optimization (WFO) industry. Our customers have come to us with many questions and concerns:

How do you …

Workforce Optimization Tools for Great Customer Experiences


The role of the contact center is changing as consumer preferences evolve at an accelerating pace.  A recent blog by Spence Mallder, GM Workforce Optimization and CTO points out that recently, customer experience has overtaken productivity as the top priority for contact center workforce optimization …

Ways to Boost Contact Center and Back Office Performance


Contact centers have been using workforce optimization (WFO) technology for as long as disco, Microsoft, and SNL have been around to make sure that the right agents are in the right places at the right time. While WFO technology has become more sophisticated and accurate, …

Why You Need A Workforce Department, The Sequel: Defining Roles


In my last blog, I talked about the need for contact centers to create an official Workforce team. (Remember? With great software (should!) come great processes.) This time, let’s talk about the individuals that should make up this team and their roles and functions.


The Forecaster …