Special Aspect Edition of SWPP On Target Newsletter


Aspect has been a leader in workforce management solutions for decades and continues to provide industry thought leadership in an era where demands on WFM systems are changing quickly. The Society of Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP) recently published a special “Aspect Edition” of their quarterly …

The Agent Desktop: The Next Frontier for Contact Center Analytics


The concept of big data is relatively simple: take information that was previously inaccessible (unstructured) and make it available in a useful (structured) form for capture, aggregation and correlation with other information for a richer and truer understanding. Of course, there’s a lot of complexity …

A High EQ (Engagement Quotient) at the SWPP Conference


One of the most important trade shows in the world of WFO is the Society of Workforce Planning Professionals annual conference, hosted at the Omni Hotel in downtown Nashville.  Aspect maintains a high presence at this show with platinum sponsorship, since the attendees are squarely …

Addressing Workforce Optimization Challenges


Recent years have brought new demands on the contact center — think omni-channel, self-service, mobile applications, public venting of consumer displeasure — and thus new challenges for the workforce optimization (WFO) industry. Our customers have come to us with many questions and concerns:

How do you …

Ways to Boost Contact Center and Back Office Performance


Contact centers have been using workforce optimization (WFO) technology for as long as disco, Microsoft, and SNL have been around to make sure that the right agents are in the right places at the right time. While WFO technology has become more sophisticated and accurate, …

Why You Need A Workforce Department, The Sequel: Defining Roles


In my last blog, I talked about the need for contact centers to create an official Workforce team. (Remember? With great software (should!) come great processes.) This time, let’s talk about the individuals that should make up this team and their roles and functions.


The Forecaster …

Changing the Face of Workforce Optimization


Einstein said it best, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” There is an art to simplifying the unnecessary complexity out of our lives, and it usually involves lots of break-rock work to get there. It’s true for astrophysics and it’s …

With Great Software (Should) Come Great Processes: Why You Need a Workforce Department


You may have gotten the reference in title of this blog to the Spiderman theme, “with great power comes great responsibility.” What I mean by this that if your company just adopted Aspect’s Workforce suite of applications, software alone won’t solve all of your problems. …