Taking the Workforce Management Cloud Market by Storm


Workforce management is the most fundamental and commonly used of the workforce optimization software components.  Historically it’s been an on-premises application, but the past few years have seen some lower functionality WFM solutions delivered from the public cloud.  Aspect is about to turn the workforce …

Improving the Contact Center Agent Experience – On the Job


Your organization relies on contact center agents to engage customers with positive, helpful and accurate customer service. In order to provide that level of support, agents are generally required to go through rigorous training when they’re hired. Unfortunately, many contact centers don’t conduct ongoing training …

Aspect EQ WFO 8.2: A Major New Release of WFO Software from Aspect


Aspect is announcing the general availability of Aspect EQ Workforce Optimization 8.2, with many important new features such as gamification, high accuracy forecasting of labor in non-voice channels and much tighter integration among WFO components. Aspect EQ WFO 8.2, which includes WFM, Performance Management, Quality …