Why You Should Keep Your Head in the Clouds


It’s become obvious that cloud solutions are no longer just an element of the future. Many organizations are realizing that with its maturity the potential drawbacks have disappeared. Security is robust, integration with third-party solutions is seamless and reliability is a given. Gartner recently forecasted global public-cloud revenue will grow by over 21 percent this year

Today’s consumer demands more and expects more which means businesses must deliver convenient and consistent service while staying efficient from front to back. Customers want to do things on their own while having the ability to move to live assistance whenever they want. To stay relevant and competitive businesses are required to offer service through any channel including voice, SMS, chat and email while reducing costs. This means there are many moving parts and businesses are finding that moving to the cloud helps them meet consumer demands while providing multiple advantages including:

  • The ability to add new functionality seamlessly at a low cost
  • The ability to manage multiple contact centers at once in any location
  • The ability to reduce costs by eliminating the need to buy, service or upgrade legacy systems
  • The ability to reduce downtime with seamless software updates
  • The ability to scale, deploy and integrate with third-party systems easily

One of the main challenges that businesses face is keeping their contact center ahead of the competition and implementing the technologies that help them stay on top. Cloud contact center solutions can eliminate IT and departmental silos because they can seamlessly integrate with each other creating a unified experience for customers regardless of the channel. This seamless integration also enables businesses to leverage third-party CRMs and ticketing solutions such as Salesforce.com so that you have immediate access to customer data as well as interaction history and analytics.

From the agent side cloud solutions enable agents to access data from virtually anywhere across multiple departments and locations. This provides businesses with the ability to operate 24/7, so that they meet their customers’ needs anywhere and everywhere.

A cloud contact center offers multiple benefits to businesses and their customers alike. With enhanced efficiency, robust security, and seamless scalability, cloud solutions make it easier for businesses to offer the best customer experiences possible.