Why Social Channels Matter: Because Customer Experience is King


Chris O'Brien, Marketing Communications WriterExcellent service -- a crucial part of the customer experienceHere’s an interesting statistic. A vast majority – 85% – of consumers surveyed have said that would pay more to ensure a superior customer experience. What’s more, a little over one half have opted to become a customer because of an organization’s reputation for customer experience, while just under one half have switched to a competitive brand because of its service reputation.*

*SOURCE: RightNow and Harris Interactive’s North America Customer Experience Report, 2010

In the end, a superior customer experience is the result of individualized, personalized contact.                                                                          

Businesses that understand this also understand that next-generation customer contact is about finding better ways to bring people and information together. It’s about improving the customer experience by offering customers more choice, more flexibility and better service at all points of contact, whether via traditional customer contact channels or next-generation (Web 2.0) communication channels for company-customer collaborations (SMS, social media, mobile devices.)

It’s also about building on existing customer contact investments and leveraging enterprise technologies already in use to open up communication and workflow bottlenecks and automate smarter business processes.

Aspect’s Application Foundation for Social Enablement is designed to help you optimize not only the interactions between customers and agents, but also self-service and the escalation between self-service and the contact center.

Aspect Applications Foundation for Social Enablement

 Employing strategies with these goals in mind can help your business:

  • Orient customer engagement tactics to customer preference
  • Coordinate service across and between service channels
  • Provide customer context, history and guidance to agents to inform interactions
  • Make customer self-service engaging and intuitive
  • Seamlessly transition between self-service and the contact center

When you rally enterprise resources around the customer experience and provide consistently positive interactions, you can more easily increase loyalty and grow relationship value.

Learn more about how you can leverage social enablement applications to establish, enhance and sustain stronger customer-company relationships.

Chris O'Brien