What the Gen Y Guy Wants Your Contact Center to Know about Millennials


You may have seen him featured on 60 Minutes, 20/20, The Today Show, The View, and many other network spots – Jason Dorsey is best known as the leading authority on young adults in that 18-25 age range called “Gen Y” or the Millennials. Dorsey isn’t just a bestselling author, speaker, and winner of Entrepreneur of the Year for his unique, research-driven approach to helping businesses solve generational challenges, the “Gen Y Guy” is a Millennial himself.

It takes one to know one.

We’re pleased to bring Dorsey’s energy and insight as a featured keynote speaker to this year’s ACE conference, CX 20/20: A Vision for Consumer Engagement.


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Why Millennials Matter

The Gen Y and Millennial generation has come of age in a world inundated with technology, surrounded by the constantly shifting expectations of what’s possible. As Dorsey points out in his Top 10 Millennials & Gen Y Questions Answered, this audience is not so much tech-savvy as tech-dependent.

Gen Y’s and Millennials share a few other identifying characteristics that help set them apart from other generations in today’s workplace and society. For example:

  • Gen Y loves instant gratification. The less time you ask them to wait “on hold” – if at all – the happier they’ll be.
  • Gen Y often has a feeling of entitlement. This is certainly not true of every individual, but it might not hurt to make a Millennial caller feel a little “catered to”
  • Gen Y has big expectations – and often no firm grasp or appreciation of the steps involved in delivering.

With this generation representing an estimated $2.45 trillion of purchasing power worldwide, it’s worth taking note of how your business can make key shifts in the Millennial customer experience to make a real difference.

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