What is a customer engagement center and why does your company need one?


There are ample call center technologies in the market today that promise to deliver singular solutions to business problems or assure enhancement of customer satisfaction. But while companies can become paralyzed during the process of selecting contact center solutions from the myriad of choices on the market, it is essential to understand that a true customer engagement journey doesn’t stop at any one given point of time. Customer Engagement Center

If a customer visits a company’s website to book an order or communicates with an call center agent for any query, there is a huge possibility, that this very small action is followed by a sequence of events that permeate deep into the business. This one, seemingly minor interaction is handed over from one department to another. Let’s look at this from both perspectives:

Customer Scenario: You are the customer completing a purchase. Your journey appears to be just a simple click on the website. However, its also a set of data tapped in the CRM; a form probably being filled by the workforce and another team working on the order being delivered to you. But since you are the customer you likely do not care about what happens behind the scenes as long as you have a lovely parcel at your doorstep delivered exactly at the time it was promised.

Company Scenario: You are the business delivering the goods. And for a business, every step in a customer’s journey does matter. But what also matters is how you optimize productivity of existing resources, utilize the right channels to reach out your customers, have a seamless journey throughout all functions and also at the same time save costs.

Phew! That’s a lot to achieve within a span of one simple interaction.

Maintaining continuity across all channels in cases like this can run into big problems in siloed operations. Disconnected departments create a disjointed functioning business. And this is exactly where the need arises for futuristic customer engagement models. This is where a customer engagement center (CEC) can help. A CEC creates a seamless experience across all channels and takes care of all loopholes found in customer support interaction journeys today. It connects the front office to the back office and ensures productivity enhanced to the maximum level.

An ideal Customer Engagement Platform includes:

Enhanced Agent Productivity: It is essential to provide call center agents the right kind of tools and analytics to function in the healthiest way. It is also important to provide them with the latest contact center technology that can make their own experience enjoyable which will in turn make the customer’s experience a delightful one.

Omni channel Capabilities: A business must have continuity to maintain the context of customer interactions across all channels and add a wow factor to the user experience. This will also help in efficient utilization of internal resources since they did not have to waste time in understanding the customer’s journey right from the beginning each time.

Intelligent Analytics: It is also important for a company to have sound analytics and constant evaluation of how it’s processes are functioning. Understanding workforce performances, staffing requirements or evaluation of self-service forums becomes important to map the complete business efficiency journey that helps improvise and build even more intelligent systems to cater to customers’ needs.

Cloud model: An option to scale up and down quickly to cater to rapidly changing business needs is always a beneficial option to any company. It also helps in turning cost of ownership into cost of productivity. Most importantly it allows all kinds of businesses (big or small) an opportunity to invest in the latest technology trends.

Having true customer engagement centers, which makes customer service magical at all levels, is vital to keeping customers in today’s competitive marketplace and likewise casts a spell on internal processes that helps set the wheels of a commerce into swift motion!