What Big Data Means to the Customer Experience


It’s time to start demanding more from your contact center.

Does this have a familiar ring to it? Of course, the problem is, contact centers are already hearing those demands, and they’re coming from every direction―from management demanding that you do more with less, from customers demanding a better experience at every turn, and even from agents demanding more flexible scheduling and visibility into processes.

None of these demands are unreasonable, but they present new sets of challenges, and  many are looking to big data for solutions. Access to the right information at the right time―especially to support cross-selling, collections, and even simply consumer relations―is more critical than ever, with analysis of this data forming the basis of strategic decision making. By synchronizing people, applications and processes, companies can reduce labor costs, enhance service levels and build customer loyalty. But most significantly, they can align contact center operations with the company’s overall strategic objectives, drastically increasing the overall value the contact center brings to the corporation.

Empower Agents, Delight Customers

A recent survey revealed that a consumer who is satisfied with a customer service representative is 2.5 times more likely to conduct future business with a company. How can managers be sure their agents are delivering the best possible service? Agents must have a thorough knowledge of company goals, policies, and products, in addition to understanding the role their performance plays in corporate success.

The data gathered by contact center intelligence applications can be used to train agents, measure their performance, and then provide that information back to the agent in a prompt and effective manner. If the center missed its performance targets, managers must examine the data for causes.

You can learn more about what big data means to you and how to apply concepts like these it to your contact center. Register now for the CRMXchange Roundtable on Analytics and Business Intelligence, and plan to listen in on the live discussion at 1 p.m. ET on Feb. 26th. Aspect will be presenting: Give Big Data a Buzz Cut: Cut through the Noise to Find What Matters.

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Chris O’Brien, Marketing Communications Writer, develops and designs content for a wide range of Aspect communications and social media applications. She continually monitors consumer trends to ensure that marketing messaging aligns with industry best practices and meets customer expectations.

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Chris O'Brien

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