What are You Passionate About?


Work and life – what is it that keeps you moving forward and always searching for ways to do more, do better and grow?  I spent the last few weeks asking 400+ of my colleagues this very question; you will appreciate the sincerity of their responses and how together their answers are the backbone of THE COMMUNITY of Aspect Professional Services.

My marching orders were seemingly simple.  Get the word out about our team.

I started with some research; you may or may not be surprised to hear that there was not one professional services firm that considered their consultants to be “average” or “good enough”.  They each stated that their employees were the best and the brightest!  I don’t know about you, but I started wondering how there are countless amazingly talented individuals, yet so many failed projects and deployments.  I knew I needed to find a way to share what was important – the general approach of “we are the best” was not an option.  We had to dig deeper into the WHY we are the best and WHY you should rely on us to create remarkable customer experiences.

Aspect Core ValuesDuring my brainstorming process, along came the Aspect Core Values.  The timing could not have been more perfect; the stars were aligned for me to go outside the box.

All Aspect employees were encouraged to “unleash passion” and “have fun.”  I took this literally.  I wanted to share each and every team member’s passion and do it in a fun way, with a more social look and feel.  I worked with our internal teams to help build a platform that was secure, automated with approval workflows, and with profiles managed by the end user, similar to other social platforms.  Our Interaction Enablement, Collaboration and Business Process Team went to work on the solution.

Fast forward to launch week, it was time for me to initiate the “passion statement” approval process.  I had no idea the journey these statements would take me on.  I traveled around the world person by person, passion statement by passion statement.  Some team members are driven by providing for their families, some are looking to always be learning and sharing insights.  A majority had a theme around the importance of creating remarkable experiences.

With today’s mobile/global/digital/busier-than-ever workforce, having a tool that communicates specific expertise while sharing what drives each and every person is how we are choosing to unleash our passion in a way that reaches our customers and is agile enough to grow with THE COMMUNITY.

This project has reinvigorated me because I am passionate about making a positive impact, be it brainstorming innovative solutions, supporting #WomenInTechnology or cultivating sincere relationships. ​ We have only just begun with our new platform. I, for one, am excited for where we go from here! #TheCommunityAPS

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