WFO: What to Do When the Back Office is the New Front Office


Chris O'Brien, Marketing Communications WriterBalancing greater demands for customer quality in line with tight budgets is a significant challenge for any company. During our recent speaking event, Create a Better Customer Experience with Workforce Optimization Strategies for the Back Office, Donna Fluss explored the options that companies in many verticals have in locating the “missing links” that occur in their back office process management systems.

Finding and fixing these “missing links” in back-office systems can help a company realize significant savings, ranging from 20-40%.

With back office now becoming the front office, Fluss defines the many goals and objectives a company will need to strive towards in order to meet these new challenges. Everything from improving productivity to reducing operating costs and risks need to be combined in an overall plan to optimize the back office. Her approach is to find a balance between your people and best practices alongside the technology and tools that you can use to move your program forward.

While emerging workforce optimization applications and suites address these challenges, the first question to ask is whether back office WFM is right for your company. It demands the support of senior management and human resources, as well as a willingness to change the department’s culture, operations, and management. It also requires the ability to measure a department’s work output and develop service level goals for each work product.

These large overhauls can lead the way to an optimized back office that is a strategic differentiator for your company.

To get started, Fluss introduces a number of tasks to move your company towards back office optimization, including identifying metrics and KPIs to measure performance and implementing QA to promote a culture of continuous measurement and improvement.

Watch Donna Fluss’ presentation now for more detailed ideas on how to optimize the entire customer service process from first contact to fulfillment. You can also learn more about the WFO technology and tools that are helping companies optimize their back offices.

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