Welcome to Aspect CXP 17 – A platform for Building Enterprise-Grade Customer Service Bots and Modern IVR Experiences


Another year, another major release of our industry-leading self-service application lifecycle management suite. Aspect CXP 17 was declared “GA” (“Generally Available”) on May 2nd, and we’re already seeing great interest from the market in the capabilities we’ve added. The release followed an impressive year for chatbots – technology that can be used to let customers engage with companies 24/7/365, in a personalized way, without having to wait for an agent.

Accordingly, we have placed the emphasis for this release on making the development and maintenance of chatbots, also known as Interactive Text Response (ITR), much easier. As part of that, we have introduced a new and better way for managing the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) aspect of a bot, with inbuilt spelling correction, methods for recognizing and normalizing common data types such as date, time, currency values, the ability to add custom words (such as proprietary product names) to the language database at runtime, and more.


Also, we have brought our thin-client, Web-based CXP Designer frontend, which we introduced with Aspect 15.1, closer to feature parity with our rich-client, Eclipse-based CXP Developer IDE. This gives the occasional user, such as a business user wanting to prototype something, even more power to do so. With this, we also improved the Business User Interface (BUI), so that it will be even easier for non-technical staff to make simple changes to running applications.

Finally, we built common formatting algorithms for speaking back dynamic data such as account balances, dates, or phone numbers, right into the product. Creating compelling IVR experiences is now easier than ever.

Please have a look at the Aspect CXP 17 release notes to get a full overview.

In the course of the next few weeks, we’ll follow up with blog posts that go into more depth on each of the above topics. Stay tuned!