Webinar: Are You At Risk for TCPA Non-Compliance?


Over the past 15 years or so, mobile phones have become ubiquitous while home landlines are disappearing. In fact, today 55% of households can only be contacted via a wireless device. This creates a challenge for contact centers trying to connect with their customers.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has strict regulations about contacting consumers’ mobile phones and devices. That means sending a reminder, delivering an important notification, or collecting a debt without explicit consent for wireless number communication could result in huge financial exposure. TPCA-Non-Compliance-Hero

But how can you be sure you’re compliant with the TCPA?

Aspect leads the outbound dialing market with multi-channel contact options and a full set of advanced list and campaign optimization compliance capabilities that make it easier for you to comply with regulatory dialing requirements. We can help your business identify and manage wireless numbers, adopt strategies for capturing and maintaining consent, and improve efficiencies when dialing with or without captured consent – with a primary focus on addressing regulatory restrictions.

Join us for an online event, October 21st at 1:00 PM EDT to understand how Aspect can help your business facilitate compliance with outbound engagement solutions that:

#1. Remove the capabilities that trigger the TCPA “autodial/auto-message capacity” criteria while maintaining the efficiencies lost when using other vendors’ manual dialing systems.

#2. Use advanced list and campaign management for precise routing control of consent vs. non-consent wireless numbers within the same record.

#3. Maintain your ability to take advantage of routing, tracking, and recording capabilities that are needed to meet the many non-TCPA legal requirements.

Register today! 

Don’t be one of the uninformed call centers that attempt TCPA compliance by opting for systems that are inefficient, costly to the business, and devoid of the tracking features necessary to comply with non-TCPA regulatory requirements. Attend this webinar to understand how Aspect solutions can help.