Ways to Boost Contact Center and Back Office Performance


Download the white paperContact centers have been using workforce optimization (WFO) technology for as long as disco, Microsoft, and SNL have been around to make sure that the right agents are in the right places at the right time. While WFO technology has become more sophisticated and accurate, contact centers have been slow to reap the benefits of it.

In conjunction with ICMI, Aspect surveyed 417 contact center leaders in 2014 on their thoughts and experiences with workforce optimization technology and it’s clear there is room for improvement. The most alarming findings were:

  • Only 12% said that their workforce management software was accurate in predicting staffing levels
  • 44% do not have back office staff managed with WFO tools that are as effective as the contact center tools
  • 50% don’t use speech or text analytics

So how do you know whether a more advanced workforce optimization system can help your contact center run more efficiently, achieve higher customer satisfaction, increase agent engagement, and create an overall better experience?

Take a look at the report from ICMI and Aspect to find out how you can enhance your WFO system to ensure the best customer experience, a high productivity workforce and better agent morale!