Focusing on Internal Efficiency to Drive Customer Experience: Cellular One Spotlight


A recent article in 1to1 Media brought attention to Aspect customer Cellular One and the challenges it faced integrating operations between its two siloed call centers. Because today’s customers expect a seamless experience at every point of interaction, disjointed areas of a business can drastically impede the ability to deliver positive outcomes.

Cellular One achieved improvements in overall business process efficiency and customer experience when it incorporated the full Aspect suite of products with Aspect Unified IP and Productive Workforce.

Because of Cellular One’s decision to focus on efficiency, the company is now able to intelligently route calls, provide customer self-service, automate outbound dialing, provide virtual unification and segmentation, as well as utilize quality management. Through new self-service and one-on-one assistance with subject matter experts, both customers and agents have more options. Agents and supervisors are able to be more hands-on with scheduling and understanding the quality of their work and also facilitate post-call surveys to understand exactly how they are performing with customers.

Chris Koziol, president and general manager of the Interaction Management division at Aspect, sees this as an example of how transitioning from legacy technology to next-generation customer contact solutions can transform the customer experience, while also reducing the total cost of ownership.

“It allows companies to explore new technologies and implement new ways of doing business,” said Koziol. “We look forward to working with the Cellular One team to continue to deliver innovative ideas and a differentiated customer experience.”

Matt Roskuski, Cellular One’s senior vice president of sales and operations pointed out that these changes have led to improvements in customer satisfaction scores, operational efficiency, and employee satisfaction.

“We are all about one contact, one resolution, and treating our customers like royalty in the process,” Roskuski told 1to1 Media.

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