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We are closing out on another banner year for the contact center. Thanks to an ever-increasing range of devices and communication channels, the importance of the contact center and its ability to engage effectively with consumers are especially high. Aspect executives and thought leaders on the blog shared their insights into many facets of customer contact and the consumer experience. Here’s a look back at some of the highlights.

The growing role of the contact center

In line with the trend of the past several years, consumer expectations continued rise in 2012. And thanks to rapid growth and popularity of smartphones, social media, and Web-based apps, customers can connect with the contact center in more ways than ever. As a result, companies must ensure they maintain the mindset and the capabilities to engage customers in any channel and at any time. Several recent blog posts detailed how to approach next-generation customer contact:

Aspect’s Vision of Next Generation Customer Contact

Roadmap to Your Next-Generation Contact Center (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

New Insight into Customers’ Preferred Channels

Workforce evolution: Remote Workers and the Consumerization of IT

Thanks to smartphones and the versatility afforded by the Web, the traditional notion of the “workspace” is rapidly fading. As a result, consumers can now reach out to a company from anywhere, and on a multitude of devices—and companies must be prepared. Several Aspect executives and thought leaders addressed this shift toward increased workforce mobility:

Remote Workers Are More—Not Less—Engaged

Enhancing Workforce Mobility Through the Consumerization of IT

Top 5 Reasons to Implement or Avoid an At-Home Contact Center

Is Telecommuting a Good Idea?

Customer service and healthcare

It’s hardly a surprise that healthcare made such a splash in the customer experience realm this year, given how prevalent a topic it was in the United States throughout 2012. Healthcare is, at its heart, a customer service industry, and customer experience breakthroughs in other industries will make the patient experience all the more painless (so to speak). We looked at some of the ways healthcare and customer service technologies will intertwine in the years ahead:

Technology and the New Healthcare Landscape

Healthcare Communication in a Social Media World

Improving Customer Engagement in Healthcare Organizations

Hospital Communication: Improving Efficiency Where Stakes Are Highest

We’ll continue to explore these topics and others in the year ahead. Thanks for taking the journey along with us, and as always, please join in the conversation by posting in the comments. We love to hear from you!

Chris O'Brien