Three Reasons to Do Your Black Friday Shopping with a Chatbot


Across the country, Americans are eagerly anticipating the coming holiday. Thanksgiving? Get real—we know that you haven’t even put the turkey in the oven before your mind starts to wander to Black Friday. And you’re not alone. This year, millions of Americans will race to retail shops around the country to participate in the modern Black Friday tradition and big-time bargains.

Of course, Black Friday is serious business. If you’re looking to build a crew to make it through the day with, you have to choose carefully. It’s not a day for the faint of heart. And that’s why your first pick should be a chatbot. Here are three reasons why.

You don’t have to sleep outside the Apple Store to get a great deal. The days of pitching a tent outside the Apple Store are over. Many businesses today deploy chatbots that can act as personal shopping guides for your e-shopping experience. You’ll be able to use chatbots to find the best Black Friday deals, too. It won’t help you wrestle a TV out of the arms of a stranger, but you won’t even have to get into such a position in the first place if you take a chatbot shopping with you.

It won’t complain when you want to sleep outside the Apple Store. For those of you who do find sleeping outside of retail establishments to be a necessary part of the Black Friday festivities, you may find yourself alone in your pursuits. But not if you bring a chatbot along. Available through many of the media channels you’re already using, your chatbot will be there for you whenever, and wherever you are—no complaints.

It’ll still listen when you want to complain, though. And though your chatbot will never complain, it’s certainly willing to listen if you need to. Chatbots act as an optimal nexus in your network, serving to connect you with contact center agents, sales teams, or representatives from brick-and-mortar locations. All you need to do is ask.

Chatbots make the perfect shopping companion for any Black Friday warrior. To learn more about what chatbots can do for you, or to see how you can show your customers love  by deploying chatbots to enhance customer experience, click here.